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For those looking for an echo of a traditional Chardonnay with some warm oak on the value-priced wine shelf, Bogle’s California Chard may be the choice. You can find it under $8 in some of the big outlets including Total Wines and even Walmart. Nice package. Pours clean. Has enough character to suggest more expensive Chardonnays without going over the “oak” resistance threshold for most people. We hit this one with two glasses and gave it some reasonable time to shake off the chill. Conclusion: leave the big Chard glass in the cabinet, give it some “open on the counter” time and enjoy. It won’t resist fruit fading as long as a more expensive Chardonnay, but at this price and taking our advice, definitely GoodCheapBooze.

The Facts

Bogle Chardonnay

Price Paid – $8.79 (find it for as low as $7.75)

Date Reviewed – 3/18/18

Where Purchased – Trader Joe’s SF Bay Area

Varietal or Type – Chardonnay

Vintage Year – 2016

Appellation – California

Winery/Brand – Bogle Vineyards

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Alcohol –13.5%

Cork? – Composition

Pour it and taste (bottle open for 5 minutes*) –

Reg. White Wine Glass: Hint of the Burgundy nose. Modest Apple and vanilla flavors. Hints of warm oak. Slightly rough a the end.

Chardonnay Glass**:  Bit of the Burgundy nose. Subtle warm oak. Whispers of Apple and pear flavors. Easy finish.

20 minutes later, from the bottle, open on the counter –

Reg. White Wine Glass: Fading Burgundy nose. Oak and apple aromas. Modest oak flavors with apple and pear flavors in the finish.

Chardonnay Glass: Neutral nose. Some oak flavors. No finish. Fruit faded out completely.

Overall – Skip the expensive or bigger bowl Chardonnay glass for this one. Give it 5-10 minutes in the bottle on the counter to warm a bit. Got bits of oak that are pleasant and not strong at all. Decent Chard character (modest apple and pear flavors) for the price. Easy to drink. It will start to fade as the bottle is open for an extended period.

* Chardonnay does NOT taste at its best icy cold from the Fridge. Give it some time to shake off the chill. It will taste better for sure and have better aromas. If you are looking to pour a “cold and frosty” wine, try a slightly fruity, unoaked Sauvignon Blanc or a German varietal.

** A Chardonnay glass has more of a rounded bowl and it a bit larger than a typical white wine glass.

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