Castle Rock Chardonnay

Oak Oak and More Oak

Castle Rock Chardonnay Review

Staff Wine Review –

Not Good Booze – Oak Only

The only thing this one has going for it is oak. The tiny bit of fruit flavor, pineapple is so minor here. This is the sort of wine that people who don’t like chardonnay think of first. Pass on this one.

The Facts

Castle Rock Chardonnay

Price Paid – $9.95

Date Reviewed – 10/15/17

Where Purchased – Safeway SF Bay Area

Variety – Chardonnay

Vintage Year – 2014

Appellation – Columbia Valley, Washington

Winery/Brand – Castle Rock Winery

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Alcohol – 13.5%

Cork? – Screwcap

Pour and taste – Slight “Burgundy nose” and pineapple aroma.  No butter. Lingering oak.

5 – 15 Minutes Later – Some butter, some pineapple. Oak. Fairly smooth. The pineapple is drowned out by the oak.

Overall – If you like oak, that’s about it. Teases you with a hint of pineapple before that is stomped out all oak and more oak.

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