Kaniché Rum Artisanal Reserve

Taste of the Islands - Great Rum


Good Booze – Amazing Rum –

Very different from Cuban, Puerto Rican or Jamaican style rum. Barbados (Bajan) Rums are golden, sweet and spicy (no extra flavors can be added by law). Many consider them the “true rums”. This one is aged in Bourbon barrels in Barbados and then shipped to France and finished in the Cognac barrels used by the maker their brandy production. Classy. The cocktail recipe below was a real keeper and worth the effort. The aromas and flavors take you to the islands and one round easily becomes two or more and very dangerous. Not for Bacardi or Don Q type drinks. Not for “Tiki” dark Myers rum style drinks, either. This one is also perfect for an amazing “Mule” when you add just a whisper of Ginger Syrup to the mix. Find and enjoy this great spirit at a good price. Cheers!

The Facts

Kaniché Rum Artisanal Reserve

Price Paid – $16.99

Date Reviewed – 1/5/18

Where Purchased – Total Wines SF Bay Area

Type – Barbados (Bajan) Barrel Aged Rum

Aged? Yes in Bourbon and Cognac Barrels

Country of Origin/Region – Barbados (Aged in France)

Brand – Maison Ferrand

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Proof/Alcohol – 80 Proof

Take a shot neat – Spice in the nose. Molasses, sweet, hint of banana flavor, plus a touch of lime in the finish. Smooth.

Rocks – Bananas in the nose. Spice. Vanilla, lime and spice flavors. Very smooth.

Classic Cocktail – Barbados Rum Punch*. Fantastic. Worth picking this up and taking the time to make it right. The sort of drink written about in old novels. A man trying to get lost could stay lost in these…

Compare to – Mount Gay Black Barrel

Overall – This is one nice Barbados style Rum. Great price. Not for a rum and coke. That’s what you need a Cuban or Puerto Rico style rum. Not for “dark rum” Tiki drinks. This is a naturally sweet style with spice flavors enhanced by the barrel aging. Dangerous in a Barbados Punch Cocktail.

* Barbados Rum Punch Cocktail Recipe:

1 ½ Ounces of barrel finished Barbados Rum ** (see notes below)

¾ Ounce Fresh Lime Juice

¾ ounce of Demerara Sugar Syrup*** (see notes below)

¾ ounce water

¼ ounce of Angostura (classic style) bitters

Shake all with ice until well chilled. Strain into a tall glass with ice.

** This drink will not work with other style rums. Period.

*** To make this syrup (do not use simple syrups made with regular sugar. Period.) take 1 cup Demerara (or Turbinado a good quality raw) sugar plus ½ cup of water (2:1 scale up for several drinks) and dissolve slowly in a pan over low to medium heat until a syrup forms. Do not boil. Let it cool a bit. Note: if left for a long time it will thicken dramatically. This stuff makes the drink. C&H makes a good quality raw Turbinado sugar widely available. If you can find Demerara sugar in the USA even better.


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  1. Total was out of my regular (Cane Mill) and the Kaniche was the current deal so I picked one up. Fond of Barbados rum so a good fit for me. Have found that the French influence in many spirits make for a good experience for those that enjoy wine and this fell into that group. Will not be my last bottle for sure,

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