Kirkland Irish Cream Liqueur

Smooth and Tasty Amazing Price

Kirkland Irish Cream

Staff Wine Review –

Good Booze. Great Value Great Drink

Not only is this an amazing value, but it’s better than the “name brand”, Bailey’s. Whether cold from the refrigerator or used in a classic cocktail, this offering from Costco Kirkland shone brightly. The flavors of chocolate, caramel, and cream were well-balanced with the Irish whiskey within. So smooth and silky, you may put this back on your list of after-dinner treats. Great drink, terrific value. BTW they say it keeps for a year in your fridge. Grab one.

The Facts

Kirkland Irish Cream Liqueur

Price Paid –  $14.99 ($6.47 per 750 ML equivalent)

Date Reviewed – 10/15/17

Where Purchased – Costco SF Bay Area

Type – Irish Cream Liqueur

Aged? N/A

Country of Origin/Region – Ireland

Brand – Kirkland/Misa

Bottle Size – 1.75 L

Proof/Alcohol – 17%

Take a shot neat – Smooth, Nutty. Lingering finish. Notes of cream, caramel, and chocolate, finally a well-balanced taste of smooth Irish whiskey.

Rocks – Even better.

Simple Cocktail – The Mudslide. Result: Nutty, creamy, chocolate, very balanced and smooth.

1 oz Vodka, 1 oz Kaluha, 1 oz Irish Cream. Pour into a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a chilled glass.

Compared to – Bailey’s. This is much smoother, less harsh and more balanced than Bailey’s.

Overall – Very nice. If you haven’t tried this sort of drink in some time, this may be worth your time. Smooth and wildly better than the name brand, Bailey’s.

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  1. I just purchased this and found it to be excellent. Put it in a nice cup of coffee over the holidays and it becomes a morning treat. Great value and yes, I think it’s as good if not better than Baileys.

  2. Here’s a classic cocktail you might try sometime:
    * 1 ounce coffee liqueur
    * 1 ounce amaretto (Disaronno is a popular one in that style) liqueur
    * 1 ounce Irish cream liqueur
    Pour the coffee liqueur, amaretto liqueur, and Irish cream liqueur into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well. Strain into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice.

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  4. There is NO whiskey in Kirkland’s Country Irish Cream. The main ingredients are cream and premium dessert wine. Alcohol content is 13.9, not 17%. Not a great flavor, too sweet. Cheap knock off.

    • When you tried out the Kirkland Irish Cream, did you get a chance to read the front label where the alcohol is listed as 17% and the back of the bottle where Irish Whiskey is listed as an ingredient? Both are on the bottle we purchased in 2017 at a San Francisco Bay Area Costco. Perhaps you had a much older one or from another state. If so, that would be interesting to know. As to the taste, that is subjective and we invite dissent! Thanks for your comments.

      • Just bought one today from Costco in Woodinville in WA for $9.99, and the alcohol content is 13.9%, not 17%. Agree with Patches Pal, that this is way too sweet to drink by itself. Perhaps with some dark coffee would help to reduce that sweetness…?

    • Just purchased a 1.75 bottle of Kirkland’s Irish Cream Liqueur. 17% Alc/Vol – 34 proof. Back label, containing Irish Whiskey. We think it tastes great and very comparable to Baileys. Purchased in N.W Indiana at Sam’s Club.

  5. Costco has switched suppliers. Instead of a 1.75 bottle of Irish Whiskey mix they now sell a 1.5 bottle of Irish Cream Wine mix. The label and bottle look the same but different taste and thin blend.
    Not the same stuff and not acceptable at all.

  6. Yeah – just recently saw this product for the 1st time @ a Costco store here in TX. Almost bought one b/c of the price . . . until I checked the ingredients. Yup – a cheap wine-based product. Definitely not acceptable.

    • Thanks for the input. One question, does that Costco sell spirits or just beer and wine? If no spirits perhaps they have a “wine” product they sell instead. The original one we tested, sold in California last year, was made with Irish whiskey.

  7. I just bought this in Colorado and it is definitely “Irish Cream Liqueur”: 1.75 liter, 17% ABV, 34 Proof. The back label says “blend of fresh dairy cream, whey spirits, and Irish Whiskey”.

  8. I bought the 1.75l bottle at Costco today in Indiana. They apparently have Irish Cream (which I bought… $12.99 on sale, by the way!) that has Irish Whiskey at a strength of 17%, and another product called “Country Irish Cream” that is another beast entirely. The one with Irish Whiskey is the only one I saw at this store, and I wonder if it has to do with different states’ liquor laws. In any case, this one is just as good as any Baileys I ever had, if not better.

  9. Just bought one today from Costco in Woodinville in WA for $9.99, and the alcohol content is 13.9%, not 17%. Agree with Patches Pal, that this is way too sweet to drink by itself. Perhaps with some dark coffee would help to reduce that sweetness…?

  10. Kirkland Irish COUNTRY Cream is sold at Costco Wholesale stores in states that do not allow the sale of spirits and is made with wine. Kirkland’s Irish Cream LIQUEUR is made with whiskeyjust like Baileys. The bottles are practically identical, so check the label before you buy!

  11. Picked up a 1.75L bottle last night at the Miami FL Costco for $14.99. This one does include Irish whiskey, and tastes exactly like Bailey’s to me. I am shocked.

  12. We get the less alcohol content in Idaho (they can sell beer and wine only). It holds me over until we travel to a state selling alcohol.

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