Kirkland Malbec

Disappointing Malbec

Kirkland Malbec

Staff Wine Review –

Not Good Booze. Disappoints.

Great looking bottle, but the fruit is not there to support the rest of the wine. That hint of horse (a defect from Brettanomyces) is a bit troubling but it did not show up in the Decanter phase so perhaps it was only a passing illusion. More was expected from this wine and even at this value price. It just did not deliver on its promise.

The Facts

Kirkland Malbec

Price Paid – $6.99

Date Reviewed – 10/15/17

Where Purchased – Costco SF Bay Area

Varietal or Type – Malbec

Vintage Year – 2015

Appellation – Mendoza, Argentina

Winery/Brand – Kirkland/Puerto Ancona

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Alcohol – 13%

Cork? – Composition

Pour it and taste – Slight tar, oak and some berry in the nose. Very dry wine. A bit hot on the finish for this level of alcohol. Low tannins, slight berry on the finish.

Aerator – Oak and tar remain. A whiff of horse sweat? Maybe. If so, that’s a defect. Fruit is gone. Soft tannins, short finish.

Decanter – Oak in the nose, hint of spice. Oak and very modest berry flavors. Barely any tannins. Fruit is almost a memory at this point.

Overall – The fruit is not there to support the rest of the wine.

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