Kirkland Pinot Noir Carneros

Pinot of Sorts

Kirkland Russian River Pinot Noir

Staff Wine Review –

Good Booze. Close call.

The Carneros region of Sonoma and Napa Counties is home to some terrific Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes and wines. This one is not a great wine, but once more, a bit of time in the decanter/carafe helps it out, a lot. Then it’s sort of an OK wine at a low price and says “Pinot” on the label. Not as much of a value as some other we have reviewed. But OK. Maybe. You might want to check out this Pinot.

The Facts

Kirkland Pinot Noir Carneros

Price Paid – $9.99

Date Reviewed – 10/15/17

Where Purchased – Costco SF Bay Area

Varietal or Type – Pinot Noir

Vintage Year – 2015

Appellation – Carneros, Sonoma/Napa California

Winery/Brand – Kirkland/DC Flynt MW Domaines & Estates

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Alcohol – 13.9%

Cork? – Composition

Pour it and taste – Slight “Burgundy nose.” Slight fruit. Harsh finish.

Aerator – Skipped for Pinot Noirs

Decanter – “The nose” faded. Minor cherry flavors. A hint of tannin appears.

Overall – It’s OK. Hardly any Pinot characteristics. After time in the decanter, it got better but the reward is slight. Sort of a light generic red wine.

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