Liberté Cabernet Sauvignon

Liberté a pretty tasty Cabernet Sauvignon

Liberté Cabernet Sauvignon

Staff Wine Review –

Good Booze. Nice flavors

Looking for a Central Coast Cabernet with some berry fruit at a terrific price? This one is pretty good. It’s not going to age much but hit it with an aerator or time in a decanter and it’s a nice pour at this price with enough young California Cabernet flavors and aromas to make it enjoyable and, again, at this price, a decent deal.

The Facts

Liberté Cabernet Sauvignon

Price Paid – $9.99

Date Reviewed – 10/15/17

Where Purchased – Trader Joe’s

Varietal or Type – Cabernet Sauvignon

Vintage Year – 2014

Appellation – Paso Robles California

Winery/Brand –  Familia Nueva Vineyards

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Alcohol – 14.1%

Cork? – Yes

Pour it and taste – Rich color, a whiff of sulphur and berry. Soft in the mouth, nice berry, low tannins on the finish.

Aerator – Sulphur is now gone. Soft berry aroma. Berry in the mouth, moderate tannins and a smooth finish.

Decanter – Jammy nose, berry flavors. Tannins recede and a smooth finish. But drink it now, don’t linger for hours. This is the peak moment.

Overall -There is enough fruit in the wine worth taking some time before enjoying. Modest, but real cabernet character.

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