Ménage á Trois Decadence Cabernet Sauvignon

Dark Sipping Red at a Decent Price


Good Booze – Decent Sipping Wine

Billboards on the Interstate promote Ménage’s new red, Decadence Cabernet. First off, the package looks great. Rich label etc. They claim French Oak aging. Ok, there is some oak aroma. 2016? Well, that means the whole winemaking and aging process was pretty darn quick for a Cab Sauv and the wine reflects all of that haste. Not much body or deep fruit. But it looks great to the eye and sips well if you take our advice (see 🙂 below) and use an aerator into a Cabernet glass. Sometimes you can find this as low as $7.99. That makes it look even better.

Staff Wine Review – The Facts

Ménage á Trois Decadence Cabernet Sauvignon

Price Paid –  $9.44 (Mix Six) $10.44 single bottle

Date Reviewed – 12/17/17

Where Purchased – Total Wines SF Bay Area

Varietal or Type – Cabernet Sauvignon (2% Merlot stated elsewhere)

Vintage Year – 2016

Appellation – California

Winery/Brand – Ménage á Trois, Folie á Deux (Trinchero Family Estates)

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Alcohol – 13.5%

Cork? – Artificial

Pour it and taste – Very dark in the glass. Berry and mild asphalt aromas some oak. Medium dry, berry flavors. Smooth. Warm tannins on the finish.

Aerator +5 – Tar and some berry aromas. Some berry flavors. Softer tannins on the finish. Modest body.

Decanter +30 – Tar and small berry aromas. Milder berry flavors, hint of bitter tannins. Smooth, modest body.

Cabernet Glass –  Pour and taste: Tar aroma. Berry flavors, hint of bitter tannin. Smooth. 🙂Aerator +5: Best results of all methods. Berry aroma hint of tar. Modest tannins. Berry flavors, smooth. Short finish. Decanter +30: Tar faded out. Softer tannins. Some berry flavors. Short finish.

Overall – This is a sipping red and not a big food wine. The dark color is nice but deceiving in that the body of the wine is very modest and the fruit is there but not deep and lingering. Use an aerator into a Cabernet type glass and enjoy. After four hours on the counter in the open bottle (cork replaced) r the wine was certainly OK if lighter in berry flavors. The look of the package is rich and it is certainly smooth. Good reason to own an aerator.

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  1. My bottle is 2015, cost about $12.00 and
    Tastes like something is wrong with it, which prompted me to google it. I dont own an aerator but have now been inspired to purchase one. It’s a shame tonout almost amwhole bottle of wime down the sink.

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