Ménage á Trois Midnight Dark Blend

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Good Booze – A Decent Red

If you pour it the way we discovered this is an OK sipper. A blend based on Merlot, as with many Ménage reds, it does not have much depth. This means it won’t age much or stand up to robust foods such as roast beef or grilled lamb. But there are berry flavors worth finding if you follow our method detailed below of using an aerator and a larger Cabernet Sauvignon glass. Nice looking package,

The Facts

Ménage á Trois Midnight Dark Blend

Price Paid – $8.97

Date Reviewed – 1/16/18

Where Purchased – Total Wines SF Bay Area

Varietal or Type – Red Blend (Website mostly Merlot)

Vintage Year – 2015

Appellation – California

Winery/Brand – Ménage á Trois, Folie á Deux, Trinchero Family Estates

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Alcohol – 13.5%

Cork? – Artificial

Pour it and taste – Simple Grape aroma and a touch of sulfur in the nose. Jammy grape flavors with lingering tannins. A bit dry on the finish.

Aerator +5  – Soft berry nose. Rich in the mouth. A hint of sulfur and some zingy tannins in the finish. Much softer than the quick taste.

Decanter +30 – Tiny grape and berry nose. Smooth. Some berry flavors. No finish at all. Faded.

Large Cabernet Glass: Pour and taste: Hint of sulfur in the nose. Juicy grapes. Bare hnt of tannin. Aerator: Some berry in the nose. Smooth berry jam. Easy to drink. Best of all methods. Decanter: Not much nose. Rich in the mouth. Not much fruit.

Overall – This is not a wine with much depth. This means not really a food wine in that it would add much to foods, and mostly disappear. The top result was using the aerator into a Cab Sauv glass. Brought out the berries and limited tannins smoothed it right out. So proceeding that way, a decent sipping wine.


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