Canyon Oaks Zinfandel

This Zin has a Low Price & Juicy Berries


Staff Wine Review

Pour And Enjoy But Don’t Linger

What a great price for a blackberry-rich Zin. But, don’t leave it open overnight. Just give it some time or aeration on the front end but not too long. This would be a great choice for the “red” to go with grilled hamburgers for a large crowd. At this price, it’s hard to beat in that role. At 4 to 5 glasses per bottle, do the math. For some more complex Zins check these out.

The Facts

Canyon Oaks Zinfandel

Price Paid – $4.99

Date Reviewed – 11/17/17

Where Purchased – Total Wines

Varietal or Type – Zinfandel

Vintage Year – 2014

Appellation – California

Winery/Brand – Canyon Oaks Vineyards

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Alcohol – 13%

Cork? – Composition

Pour it and taste – Blackberry aroma, a whiff of Sulfur. Tannins. Berries. Medium finish.

Aerator +5 Minutes – Lots of berries. Sulfur is now gone. The tannins smoothed right out. Some subtle spice with the berries on the finish.

Decanter + 30 Minutes – Berries are now restrained. A bit of heat and drying on the finish. Tannins more apparent.

Overall – Nice juicy berries show up after the aeration and 5 minutes, but 30 in a decanter is too long. This is one where an aerator is very useful or maybe 5- 10 minutes in a decanter.

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