Ropiteau Pinot Noir

Balance, Rich French Pinot Opens Up Nicely Review Ropiteau Pinot Noir

Good Booze – Nice French Pinot –

At a great price, this wine from a French winery founded in 1848 is a perfect example of why owning a carafe or wine decanter pays off. Here’s a very nice little Pinot from France in a very attractive bottle that offers great color, with balanced, smooth, rich berry flavors if you follow our advice. We tasted this one three ways and the last was the winner. Pour it into a decanter, wait a bit and enjoy. Imagine a little Paris Bistro and all those classic dishes. Bon! Ropiteau makes several upscale Pinots at $40+ as well, by the way, so be sure to grab the right one off the shelf. Cheers!

The Facts

Ropiteau Pinot Noir “Les Plants Nobles”

Price Paid – $8.99 (Mix 6) $9.99 regular

Date Reviewed – 2/14/18

Where Purchased – Total Wines SF Bay Area

Varietal or Type – Pinot Noir

Vintage Year – 2016

Appellation – France

Winery/Brand – Ropiteau Feres

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Alcohol – “11% -14%” as listed on label

Cork? – Artifical

Pour it and taste –

– Reg. Red Wine Glass: Berry aroma. Berry and cherry flavors. Good color. Rich in the mouth. A bare hint of tannins on the finish.

– Plus 5 Minutes in the glass: Berry aroma. Subtle berry flavor with some bit of leather. Smooth finish.

Decanter –

– Medium Pinot Noir Wine Glass: Berry and cherry aromas. Soft berry flavors. Balanced. Very smooth.

Overall – Patience is rewarded. Hold in a decanter/carafe for 20-30 minutes and enjoy a smooth, French-style Pinot Noir. Easy to enjoy.

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