L’Éclat de 1990 Blanc de Blancs

Impressive On the Outside Not in Bottle


Not Good Booze – Toast Only?

Any good? Impressive “magnum” bottle of French Sparkling wine at Trader Joe’s. This one is promoted in their Holiday 2017 Fearless Flyer. Sad to say no matter how we approached it, a bit “iffy.” See all the ways we tried, below. But, if you were pouring the crowd a sloppy toast at New Years when the “ball” drops in NYC, OK. Drinking it? We’ve found better sparkling choices.

Staff Review – The Facts

L’Éclat de 1990 Blanc de Blancs

Price Paid –  11.99 (effectively $6 per regular sized bottle)

Date Reviewed – 12/10/17

Where Purchased – Trader Joe’s

Varietal or Type – Sparkling Wine

Vintage Year – 1990

Appellation – France

Winery/Brand – Imported by Latitude Wines

Bottle Size – 1.5 L (Big Bottle)

Alcohol – 11%

Cork? – Natural

Pour it and taste – Dry yeast nose with a trace of apple aroma. Pretty dry. French Brut character with little fruit. Smooth. Slightly crisp. Slightly unpleasant finish

5 – 10 Minutes Later – Small stream of bubbles. Softer finish. No fruit apparent. Finish again slightly unpleasant.

Go to the Flute – Pour and Taste: nice pinpoint bubbles. No apple aroma, hard yeast. Bit of mineral in the finish and barely pleasant. After 5 Minutes:  Still steady bubbles. Yeast aroma. No fruit. Maybe a trace of sulfur. Dry chalky finish.

Overall – This seems to be an old wine recently shipped to the USA. Perhaps it was OK 15 years ago. Great looking huge bottle. Maybe it would be passable in seasonal drinks with cranberry juice or in mimosas. Not by itself for anything other than a quick toast. Better choices for $6 per bottle out there. Make a nice bit of decor on a buffet table for New Years.

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  1. Disagree. The wine is not perfect, but it is better than a lot of overpriced CA sparkling wine. Yeast forward on the first sip reminiscent of Veuve, lemon forward after that, mineral mid notes and a weak finish. Not bad for six bucks.

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