Trader Joe’s Platinum Reserve Meritage Lot #82

Decent Napa Red Blend


Decent Napa Red – Pricey?

There was much hope here. Napa Meritage, aged, great price (vs the big Napa brands). TJ’s Flyer sure promotes this one. But what we found was a wine that was smooth, and pleasant (see the note about glassware below) but the fruit was not big enough to get really excited. At this price there are other reds we would point you to that are better deals.

Staff Wine Review – The Facts

Trader Joe’s Platinum Reserve Meritage Lot #82

Price Paid – $14.99

Date Reviewed – 12/7/17

Where Purchased – Trader Joe’s

Varietal or Type – Meritage Red (Cabernet Franc & Merlot declared)

Vintage Year – 2013

Appellation – Napa Valley, Yountville

Winery/Brand – Behind the Scenes Wine Company

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Alcohol – 14.8%

Cork? – Natural, unbranded. “Shiner”?

Pour it and taste – Berry and spice aromas. Berry flavors with some tannins, short finish.

Aerator +5 – Berry aroma faded a bit. Softer tannins, more modest berry flavors. Bit of alcohol heat on the finish.

Decanter +30  – Berry aroma and a whiff of sulfur. Smooth. Soft berries and softer tannins. Oak on the finish.

Cabernet Glass – Pour and taste from the bottle, this was the best of all. From the decanter, the berry flavors very soft, oak very apparent.

Overall – Nice enough Cab Franc Meritage. Pretty soft now, won’t age much. Probably was better a year or so ago. Give it some time in a decanter or use a real Cabernet glass. Skip the aerator strips out the fruit and pushes the heat.

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