Trader Joe’s Reserve Zinfandel Sonoma County Lot #152

Zin On the Run

Trader Joe's Sonoma County Zinfandel

Staff Wine Review –

Good Booze. But Don’t Linger.

Well here’s a zin with good roots, Sonoma County, but there’s no time to ponder it. Pour it and enjoy or run it through an aerator and knock it back. Good berries if you do and reasonably smooth. The 30 minutes in the decanter tells another story: not much in this wine to age for even an hour. Only a modest value in the one. So if you pick up this one, drink up!

The Facts

Trader Joe’s Reserve Zinfandel Sonoma County Lot #152

Price Paid – $9.99

Date Reviewed – 10/15/17

Where Purchased – Trader Joe’s

Varietal or Type – Zinfandel

Vintage Year – 2015

Appellation – Sonoma County

Winery/Brand – Trader Joe’s/ABJ Wines

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Alcohol – 13.9%

Cork? – Composition

Pour it and taste – Deep red color, berry aroma. Dry wine. Berries and slight tannins. Lingering berry finish.

Aerator – Slight Sulphur appears along with less berry aroma. More fruit flavors. Softer tannins.

Decanter – No aromas. Faded berries, Hard tannins on the finish with no fruit.

Overall – This is a wine you enjoy in haste and not one to linger over. Flavor pretty good if enjoyed quickly. It won’t get better in an hour.

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