Yellow Tail Chardonnay

Tasty Balanced White - Great Price


Good Booze – A Tasty White –

With a great price, Yellow Tail’s Chardonnay is a pleasant surprise. Not a big, full flavored Chard, but well made and easy to drink with some character. We tried this one three different ways and one was clearly the best. This is a perfect wine for deck, patio, game time and crowds. At this price you can be a generous host.

The Facts

Yellow Tail Chardonnay

Price Paid – $5.39

Date Reviewed – 2/1/18

Where Purchased – Safeway SF Bay Area

Varietal or Type – Chardonnay

Vintage Year – 2016 (Australia*)

Appellation – Australia

Winery/Brand – Yellow Tail – Casella Family Brands

Bottle Size –750 ML

Alcohol – 13%

Cork? – Screwcap

Pour it and taste* – (Very Cold) Green apple aroma, hint of the Burgundy nose. Hint of butter and modest oak flavors and rich in the mouth. Smooth finish with a bare hint of citrus.

5  Minutes in the Glass – Hint of an apple aroma. Modest oak and some apple flavors and a bare suggestion of butter. Soft finish with lingering hints of, warm oak.

From the bottle after 15 minutes on the counter- Traces of subtle oak in the nose. Balanced apple, pears, and pleasing, small, oak flavors. Easy, nice finish.

Overall – A pleasant white wine with some Chardonnay character. The best method was after 15 minutes on the counter. This resulted in very balanced wine. Nice game time, party or deck wine.

*Australia’s location in the Southern Hemisphere results in a harvest six months ahead of the US, Latin America or Europe. This means the wine is “Six months older” an added bonus of aging in this price range.

** We use a red wine (but not a large Cabernet) glass for Chardonnays with some oak. Much better results.

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