Yellow Tail Shiraz

Pretty Tasty Red at a Great Price


Good Booze – A Tasty  Red

With decent berry and spice flavors and given a bit of time or the use of an aerator, a pretty good bargain red. Shiraz is the wine that the Australians do so well and it is no surprise, this is the best of the Yellow Tail reds we’ve tried. Not a huge fruit-filled red bomb, but juicy enough to be fun. Our best results came using a big Cabernet glass and giving it some time and air. For this price a great buy in a red wine. You can even find it at $4.44 at Total Wines as well. Pick up a six-pack and have fun.

The Facts

Yellow Tail Shiraz

Price Paid – $5.39

Date Reviewed – 2/1/18

Where Purchased – Safeway SF Bay Area

Varietal or Type – Shiraz (Syrah*)

Vintage Year – 2016 (Australia**)

Appellation – Australia

Winery/Brand – Yellow Tail/Casella Family Brands

Bottle Size – 750 ML

Alcohol – 13.5%

Cork? – Artificial

Pour it and taste – Two Ways:

– Std. Red Wine Glass: Berry aromas and some tar in the nose. Berry, spice and some tannins.

– Large Cabernet Glass: Lots of berry aroma with some tar. Nice berry and some spice flavors.Hint of tannins and a lingering berry finish.

Aerator + 5 Minutes – Two Ways:

– Std. Red Wine Glass: Hint of tar in the nose. Some berries. Hints of warm tannins in the finish.

– Large Cabernet Glass: Berry aroma. Berries and spice. Bare hint of soft tannins. Smooth. Lingering berries finish. Balanced.

Decanter – Two ways:

– Std. Wine Glass: Neutral Nose. Berries and fruit. Bit of alcohol “heat” on the finish.

– Large Cabernet Glass: Berry aroma. Smooth berry flavors. Bit of a drying finish and some lingering berries.

Overall – Decent berry flavors and spice. Smooth. Nice grilled meats wine. This one was at it’s best using the aerator and the large cabernet glass. But it held up at 30 minutes in a decanter as well. At this price, pour this one for all your friends on the patio.

* Shiraz is a wine made with Syrah grapes. This is an Aussie tradition to call it that and they make good ones. Of course, the soil and climate are very different from France or the US. So the wine is going to taste a bit different as well.

**Harvest in the Southern Hemisphere is six months earlier than in the US and France. So for the same vintage year, you get and extra six months aging time. A bonus in this price range.

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